/ Curtis Howells

Curtis Howells

VP & General Manager

portrait of Curtis Howells

Curtis is a seasoned executive with a robust four-decade tenure in the event ticketing market that is highly regarded as a pivotal figure within the events and entertainment industry. His expertise and insight have made him a valuable resource for high-profile entities within the field. He became part of the FineLine family through the acquisition of Consolidated Printing, Inc (CPI) in 2019, where he has been instrumental in positioning CPI as a forerunner in RFID ticketing solutions for event management.

Curtis’s professional journey is deeply entwined with the printing industry, beginning right after his graduation from the University of Arkansas in 1983. His initial foray into the field was through sales, where he quickly established a rapport with significant clients, including Madison Square Garden and the Los Angeles Lakers. In 1991, he took a leap into partnership at Consolidated Printing Industries, where not only he continued to excel in sales but also played a crucial role in advancing new equipment purchases and R&D initiatives. Following the transition of CPI to FineLine Technologies in 2019, Curtis has continued to lead as VP and General Manager. On the home front, Curtis enjoys life in Alma, Arkansas, with his wife and their five children, and four grandchildren, embodying the spirit of family and community.

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