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Healthcare solutions for blood centers and research and testing labs.

Quality labels with the technology of our healthcare division.

We have decades of experience in high-quality label adhesives, coatings, and bonding solutions that enable effective labeling for some of the most sensitive products in the harshest or variable conditions. Our labels are designed with FDA-approved adhesives that keep healthcare products completely safe and protected.

With our extensive experience in healthcare labeling solutions, our labels are used by 75% of the Blood Centers of America locations, and we’re one of the few North American companies trusted by the industry to produce labels for healthcare and blood center organizations.

Complete accuracy – no compromises.

Our labels are backed by data integrity and accurate tracking that guarantees every healthcare product will be correctly matched with its donor or patient. We conduct years of testing and trials to ensure adhesives are safe and effective for healthcare products, and we will never issue a duplicate or print inaccurate label data. Our commitment to accuracy has made us a leader in barcode labels and RFID solutions for healthcare. 

High-quality, ON TiME.

Our global service capabilities allow us to print and ship labels to healthcare facilities around the world. We know that time is crucial in the healthcare industry, so we are committed to delivering high-quality labels when they’re needed so you don’t compromise your operations or your patients. 

Applications for our healthcare labeling solutions.

Blood Bag Labeling and Plasma Component Products

Whether you need standard or custom blank or pre-printed ISBT labels, we manufacture these to work on all types of blood bag labels and in all environments. FineLine’s product labels for blood bags and plasma components are made to work with your existing thermal transfer printers and software. 

Cryo Labs and Specimen Collection

Track specimens and collect research data on cells and human tissue with FineLine’s cryo labels and tags. Our labeling technology can endure extreme temperatures as low as -196°C.  

Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Solutions