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Make your event pop with RFID technology

Connect with event goers like never before with UHF and NFC technology. Provide a personalized and engaging experience through connected wristbands, passes, tickets, and other credentials that elevate the event and make your brand look great. 

Powering events with UHF and NFC technology

FineLine delivers visually stunning, impeccably produced event tickets, elevated by the seamless integration of advanced UHF and NFC technology. Experience the ultimate in both aesthetic appeal and functional innovation!

Event Ticketing Services Tailored to Meet Your Demands!

FineLine specializes in providing services such as UHF and NFC-enabled tickets, season and VIP passes, parking permits, and souvenir tickets, to ensure your events run smoothly all year round.

RFID and NFC Technology

Elevate Any Event.

  • FineLine elevates events with unmatched ticketing services, blending superior data management, high-speed encoding, and cutting-edge UHF and NFC technologies to offer attendees a technologically advanced and personalized experience.


  • Our sophisticated data management platform and ticketing services seamlessly integrate with detailed analytics, enabling event organizers to utilize data-driven insights for optimal event scheduling and planning, ensuring every decision is supported by precise guest participation metrics.
RFID and NFC Technology

Represent Your Brand.

  • Elevate your brand with sophisticated print treatments like foil stamping, embossing, and specialized coatings, transforming event tickets into unique works of art that exude exclusivity and prestige.


  • Our attention to detail ensures your brand shines, creating a lasting first impression and building excitement and engagement for your event from the moment attendees receive their tickets.

See how our FASTtrak data management platform can help support your event with detailed ticket information.

RFID and NFC Technology

How does RFID technology benefit events?

UHF and/or NFC technology has revolutionized event management and attendee engagement by offering seamless, interactive experiences. The use of RFID-enabled credentials, such as wristbands, tickets, badges, or passes, not only streamlines event operations but also opens up a multitude of possibilities for enhancing the attendee experience. Coupled with FineLine’s proprietary data management services, you’ll find it easier than ever to track and monitor tickets from the initial sale to admission. Here’s an expanded look at how these applications are transforming events:

Faster Entry and Reduced Queues

RFID-enabled credentials significantly speed up the entry process to events by allowing for contactless scanning, reducing the need for manual check-ins and thus, the length of queues. This technology enables attendees to spend more time enjoying the event and less time waiting to get in.

Enhanced Security

RFID wristbands or badges can be programmed to include personal identification and ticketing information, making them more secure than traditional tickets which can be easily lost or counterfeited. This also allows for easy identification and assistance of attendees in case of an emergency.

Cashless Payments

One of the most significant advantages of RFID technology is the ability to make cashless payments. Attendees can load money onto their RFID wristbands or badges before the event or onsite and make purchases with a simple tap, reducing transaction times and increasing spending at concessions, merchandise booths, and other vendors.

Personalized Experiences

Event organizers can use the data collected from RFID tags to tailor the event experience for attendees. This might include personalized greetings at entry points, directing attendees to sessions or exhibits that match their interests, or even customizing the event layout in real-time based on crowd movement patterns.

Social Media Integration

RFID technology can be linked with attendees’ social media accounts, allowing for automatic check-ins, photo postings, and status updates with a simple tap at various points throughout the venue. This not only enhances the attendee experience by making it more interactive and shareable but also increases the event’s visibility and reach on social media platforms.

Real-time Data and Analytics

RFID technology provides organizers with real-time data on attendee movements, dwell times, and participation in various activities. This information is invaluable for making on-the-fly adjustments to improve the event and for planning future events. It can also be used to demonstrate ROI to sponsors by providing detailed analytics on attendee engagement with sponsored activities or areas.

RFID-enabled credentials are incredibly versatile and can enhance a wide range of events and attractions

Music and Arts Festivals

Music festivals, which often feature multiple stages and a variety of vendors, can benefit greatly from RFID wristbands. They streamline entry, facilitate cashless purchases, and can even be used to check into specific performances, enabling organizers to understand crowd flow and preferences.

Conferences and Trade Shows

At professional gatherings, RFID badges can be used for quick registration check-ins, tracking attendance at specific sessions for continuing education credits, and facilitating networking. They can also provide exhibitors with leads based on the attendees who visited their booth.

Sporting Events

For sporting events, RFID tickets can provide access to the venue, specific seating areas, and VIP zones. They can also be used for cashless purchases at concession stands and merchandise stores, reducing wait times and enhancing the fan experience.

Theme Parks and Tourist Attractions

Theme parks can use RFID wristbands for entry, fast passes to rides, cashless payments, and even as keys to hotel rooms for on-site accommodations. This integration enhances the visitor experience by making it seamless and convenient.

Corporate Events and Retreats

RFID technology can add a layer of sophistication to corporate events by facilitating networking, enabling participation in team-building activities, and providing access to various sessions or workshops. They can also be used for meal tracking and access control to private events.

Educational Events and Campus Tours

For educational purposes, RFID can track attendance at various seminars or workshops, facilitate interactive learning experiences, and even manage access to restricted areas or resources.

Charity Runs and Marathons

RFID tags can track participants’ times in races, manage access to VIP areas, and facilitate cashless donations or purchases at associated events or expos.

Pop-up Experiences and Exhibitions

For temporary events like pop-up art exhibitions or interactive experiences, RFID can enhance visitor engagement through interactive installations, track the flow of visitors, and manage capacity in real-time.

Cruises and Resorts

On cruises or at resorts, RFID wristbands can act as all-in-one access to rooms, payment for services, and booking for activities or excursions, creating a seamless experience for guests.

Gaming and Esports Events

At gaming events, RFID can manage access, enable participants to register for competitions, and facilitate interactions with exhibitors or sponsors.

Exceptional Printed Graphics for Your Event: Elevate Experience with Premier RFID Technology.

Customized Design & Memorability

Our tickets and credentials are not only customizable in design, colors, materials, and thickness to reflect your brand and event uniquely but also become cherished memorabilia, capturing the essence of the experience.

Insightful & Personalized

With each badge, wristband, or credential uniquely tied to its holder, organizers can collect critical data for enhancing event flow, engagement, and personalized planning, leveraging advanced UHF and NFC technology for a deeper understanding of attendee behavior.

Secure & Connected

 Prioritize security with credentials that securely embed customer data, preventing fraud with sophisticated print features. Using the latest UHF and NFC technologies can ensure a seamless, interactive guest experience for payments, access, and authentications, keeping everyone effortlessly connected.

RFID and NFC Technology
Create individual experiences
RFID and NFC Technology
Tighten security and authorized access
RFID and NFC Technology
Secure management of event ticketing and patron data
RFID and NFC Technology
Build a loyalty base with personalized messaging for future events
RFID and NFC Technology
Streamline event access and flow
RFID and NFC Technology
Improve planning and forecasting
RFID and NFC Technology
Prevent ticket fraud