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Event Tickets and Other Admission Products.

The excitement of attending an event begins with the ticket, and our UHF and NFC event tickets and other products build on that excitement by enabling a seamless, secure, engaging, and memorable experience for attendees.

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Make a statement.

Print treatments like foil stamping, embossing, and coatings take tickets from ordinary to totally unique, with designs that create additional excitement and momentum around your event, attraction, or venue.

retail tickets

Fit your needs.

Event ticketing goes beyond just a ticket. FineLine provides UHF and NFC enabled parking passes, lanyards, wristbands, loyalty cards, presentation boxes, and more – everything you need to elevate your event and your brand.

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Seize the data.

RFID and NFC technologies provide added security, brand protection, and the ability to track important event metrics and increase engagement with attendees.

retail tickets
Fully customizable
Eye-catching designs
event tickets
Enhanced attendee experience
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Backed by data
event tickets
Greater brand protection
Events & Entertainment Tickets & Tags Products:
season passes

Season Passes

Admission and event tickets are fully customizable including season, suite, and premium area ticket books, ticket sheets, single cut tickets and cards. Designed with your brand in mind, we use vibrant full-color graphics and variable imaging. From the simplest general admission passes to the most state-of-the-art reserved seat passes in the industry, these tickets can include any number of our advanced services and security features – including foil stamping, custom die-cuts, embossing, Scodix, barcodes, and coin-reactive inks. Tickets can also be bound and booked using one of our professional binding options. We also provide other features:

  • Integrate with RFID Technology: Integrating seasonal event tickets or passes with RFID technology greatly enhances the attendee experience by enabling swift, secure access to events and reducing wait times at entry points. This technology also offers event organizers real-time data on attendance and movement patterns, facilitating better crowd management and personalized attendee engagement.
  • Variable Printing/Barcoding: A critical component of our advanced security and variable imaging services, a unique barcode can be printed on front or back of each ticket – an ideal solution for quick, accurate, and secure identification.
  • Coin Reactive Ink: This transparent ink is revealed only under blacklight or when rubbed with the edge of a coin. Besides a little pocket change, no special devices or procedures are necessary for instant authentication. Coin reactive ink  is not available to the general public without undergoing an approval process by the manufacturer, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit.

  • Machine-Readable Ink: Ticket backs can be printed with an exclusive state-of-the-art transparent security ink, which is only visible using a special hand-held laser device.

Admission & Loyalty Cards

Admission and stored value cards, either printed on PVC or laminated, are fully customizable and designed with your brand in mind using vibrant full-color graphics. Cards can include any number of our advanced treatments and security features, including foil stamping, embossed numbering, barcodes, QR codes, UHF & NFC, and magstripes.



Our credentials are available in a wide range of high-quality materials and can be custom die-cut to virtually any size and shape. Other options include full-color variable graphics, lamination, strings and lanyards, and the reliable protection of our advanced security features.

souvenir tickets

Souvenir Tickets

Provide a customized ticket to commemorate once-in-a-lifetime event moments. Souvenir tickets not only create additional revenue opportunities for the ticket office, but are a re-imagined way to connect customer service and technology. Upgrade your tickets with a selection of options:

  • Raised UV, foil, or variable foil in a range of colors and finishes including metallic, pigment, and holographic can be flat-stamped or combination-stamped with an emboss or deboss.
  • Custom die-cuts in standard geometric shapes or custom shapes, as well as options for through-cuts, kiss-cuts, and perforations.
  • Custom lamination using durable, high-gloss, color-enhancing films that are resistant to wear, tear, and moisture.
  • Top-of-the-line embossing, which can safeguard against counterfeit tickets and forgery, and includes blind or color-registered embossing.
  • Combination-stamping using a variety of die styles, including single-level, dimensional, sculpted, and beveled-edge.
  • Clear, rub-resistant spot varnish and UV coatings enhance and protect tickets from duplication and are available in spot or flood applications of soft touch.
parking passes

Parking Passes

We offer a variety of fully-customizable parking permit solutions. Passes can include full-color graphics and variable imaging and are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, including paper-based stocks, tear-proof Teslin synthetic, and sturdy plastic laminate. All parking passes can be further enhanced with advanced security features and professional finishing services.


Tickets and credentials are easily displayed when attached to a lanyard. Our lanyards are available in a wide range of sizes and materials, including polyester, flat cotton and rope cord. They can be fitted with common attachments that include Bull-Dog/Alligator Clip, Swivel J-Hook, Trigger Snap Swivel Hook, Breakaway at the Neck, and Double Hook. Customize them further with dye-sublimation or a silk screen printing of your team, event, venue, and sponsor logos and text.

Thermal Point-of-Sale Tickets

Generic or pre-printed thermal tickets are available in many different sizes, as well as stunning 4-color-process or spot-color graphics, foil, and state-of-the-art security inks. Tickets may also be consecutively numbered for added security.


Wristbands are a simple yet highly effective means of identification. They are available in materials such as cloth, Tyvek, plastic, and vinyl, and come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. Customize them further with color printing, variable graphics such as barcodes and consecutive numbering, security die-cuts, holographic designs, and security inks.


Other Tickets & Tags Products: