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Easily track, trace, and validate your tire inventory.

Efficient tire inventory management and supply chain tracking are essential for ensuring quality, safety, customer satisfaction, and compliance in today’s Industry 4.0 era. With over 25 years of expertise and having produced over 4 billion barcode and RFID tags and labels for tires and automotive parts, you can rely on FineLine. Our automotive tagging and labeling solutions are not only easy to implement but are also durable, aligning with the Industrial IoT and smart tires concept, ensuring seamless integration into the digitalized, interconnected workflows of modern manufacturing and retail. FineLine’s innovative approach supports the real-time tracking and smart management essential for success in the automotive industry’s future.


RFID tags and labels for tires and automotive parts.

We’ve partnered with major tire manufacturers to develop RFID tag and label solutions for tire inventory and supply chain management, and our products offer tire and automotive parts retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers the highest quality and accuracy thanks to the expertise of the team at FERM RFID Solutions.

  • Quickly and accurately scan tires in bulk

  • Improve traceability throughout the supply chain from quality control to point-of-sale

  • Use industry standard, high-performance adhesive labeling materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, and constant handling and use

  • Implement RFID tags and labels with international standards and frequencies (ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2, RAIN, ETSI, FCC and ATA Spec 2000) for compliance

With 25 years of experience and the production of more than
300 million tags, FineLine’s barcode and RFID tag and label solutions for tires and automotive parts are easy to implement and proven to last.

For tire manufacturers.

Uniquely identify individual tires through all manufacturing phases using barcodes, RFID, or a combination of the two through our patented labeling and tagging solutions.

  • Unique serialization
  • Full process transparency
  • Process automation
  • Complete traceability down to an individual tire
  • Quality and warranty management

Tire label solutions for manufacturing logistics include:

  • Barcode and RFID bead labels
  • Bead application (including patented durable RFID labels for vulcanization)
  • Sidewall application (including patented durable RFID labels for vulcanization)

For tire supply chain owners.

Empower your warehouse, distribution, sales, shipping & receiving, and inventory management teams with accurate and reliable inventory visibility. RFID tread labels, designed and manufactured by FineLine, help supply chain owners gather more data without downtime, manual counting, or guesswork.

  • Automated, efficient and accurate inventory management data collection
  • Supply chain process automation
  • RFID long range (up to 8 meters) and throughput (bulk scanning)
  • Gray market goods diversion detection
  • Regulatory compliance

Tire label solutions for supply chain and inventory management include:

  • Patented “4-dry-edge” labels for maintenance and cleaning-free operation of printers and applicators
  • Fully pre-printed color tread labels
  • Blank tread tire labels for in-plant printing (and RFID encoding)

Quickly locate inventory, down to the size and model, when tires are tagged with our reliable, patented RFID tread labeling solutions. Tire labels stay adhered under the most extreme temperatures, humidity, or abrasion during transport and storage, ensuring brand image and process requirements are met or exceeded, regardless of tire types.

For fleet management.

Reliability and efficiency of vehicle tire management is critical for fleet operators and fleet management companies for the entire lifecycle of every tire, and customized RFID aftermarket tire tags play an important role in tire management. Prevent tire theft, or support new business models, such as pay-per-mile or pay-per-use.

  • Track individual tires for inventory management, servicing and maintenance
  • Retrofit existing tires or integrate during production or re-treading
  • Read tire data at a range of more than 2 meters with RFID
  • Scan tires with mobile or gateway RFID readers
  • Apply asset management and theft detection to individual tires

Tire tagging solutions for fleet management include:

  • Patented RFID tag construction for on-tire application
  • Color and variable printing
  • RFID pre-encoded tags
  • All steel tire compatibility

For retreaders.

Tire retreaders are able to take advantage of a wide range of patented solutions to uniquely identify tires through all stages of the retreading process. Using barcode, RFID or a combination of the two data collection technologies, retreaders can gain full product lifecycle management (PLM).

  • Unique serialization down to the tire casing
  • Complete traceability down to an individual tire casing
  • Quality and warranty management
  • Asset management of fleet tires
  • Tracking service and maintenance for fleet tires
  • Regulatory compliance (Truck Tire Regulations Section § 393.75: Tires)

Tire tagging solutions for retreaders include:

  • Patented RFID tag construction for on-tire application
  • Fully pre-printed color tread labels
  • Sidewall application
  • Blank tread labels for in-plant printing (and RFID encoding)

For the aviation industry.

Aircraft tire manufacturers and retreaders are subject to the ATA Spec 2000 automated identification and data capture requirements created by the aerospace industry. FineLine tire labels, together with in-plant solution for printing and encoding, are compliant with the RFID and barcode identification requirements under ATA Spec 2000,

  • Comply with aviation industry ATA Spec 2000
  • Save on compliance documentation
  • Automated, efficient, and accurate inventory data collection
  • RFID long range (up to 8 meters) and throughput (bulk scanning)
  • ATA Spec 2000 Aviation Birth Record for product lifecycle management (PLM)

Tire labeling solutions for aviation include:

  • High memory (2k bits) RFID EPC Gen2 compliant labels for tread application or vulcanization
  • In-plant printing solution compliant with ATA Spec 2000 data format
  • Patented “4-dry-edge” labels for maintenance and cleaning free operation of printers and applicators
  • Fully pre-printed color tread labels
  • Blank tread labels for in-plant printing (and RFID encoding)

For mold and tooling management.

Identify, match and manage tire molds and other tooling to a machine, production batch, machine operator, and each individual tire. FineLine’s patented tagging solutions provide full process transparency to quickly identify and trace process inefficiency or quality issues within tire manufacturing. Advanced tagging solutions allow for unique identification of each tire mold segment, as well as bladder plates. By coupling the segments with the mold casing, it takes seconds to verify that the mold is correctly assembled and ready for manufacturing.

  • Improve process efficiency, data accuracy and transparency
  • Fast and accurate locating of molds and mold parts including segments and bead rings
  • Improve planning and maintenance
  • 100% lifecycle management
  • One-to-one data aggregation in real time between design, mold, segments, bladder, press, operator, and tire.

Tire tagging solutions for mold and tooling management include:

  • High temp-resistant RFID tags for embedding in mold segments and other tooling
  • High temp, long-range RFID tags for the permanent identification of mold, press and other assets, such as bladders
  • Pre-encoded mold retrofit RFID kits