Barcode and RFID label and ticketing solutions across industries.

Assets across industries need RFID labels, tickets, and hangtags to enable tracking and data accuracy – and that’s what we provide.

rfid label
rfid label
FineLine Retail

Barcode and RFID label, ticket, and hangtag solutions for all retail products.

FineLine Retail specializes in delivering fast-turnaround ticketing and labeling solutions for a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, footwear, home goods, sporting goods, and toys. Our services are designed to streamline the supply chain process, making it more efficient and straightforward for retailers by avoiding the complexity and overhead of running their own print shop.

  • Get retail labels and tickets when and where you need them, fast, with easy ordering and our industry-leading 48-hour production and delivery timeline


  • Improve the customer experience with product quality, availability, and clear labeling
  • Get exceptional customer support whenever you need it, from wherever you are in the world


  • Tag apparel and general merchandise, fine and fashion jewelry, accessories, and eyewear


  • Tag even hard-to-tag items like metal, liquids, and glass
rfid label
FineLine Tire

Keep inventory rolling – and safe.

Quality control of a product that literally drives the customer experience can’t be taken lightly, which is why FineLine Tire’s barcode and RFID label solutions for tires and automotive parts hold up to harsh conditions, adhere securely, and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure data accuracy of each and every label.

  • Labels withstand extreme temperatures, harsh environments, and constant handling and use

  • RFID label technology ensures accurate tracking and tracing to keep supply chains moving and enable real-time inventory management

  • Be confident in the quality of your labels and their durability, even in the harshest conditions

  • Elevate consumer safety with greater inventory oversight and control

FineLine Event Ticketing

Event ticketing and admissions powered by accuracy, quality, and expertise.

Using FineLine for your event ticketing and admissions needs ensures every ticket is made correctly and looks great. From quality printing, color matching, and data accuracy, we get it done right. Whether you use RFID, NFC, or barcoded tickets, you get the same high level of quality – guaranteed.

  • High-quality printing for an exceptional look and feel that truly distinguishes your venue, event, and brand

  • Color matching provides consistency across all ticket products

  • Data accuracy ensures a smooth, streamlined attendee experience and better information to help you meet and exceed audience expectations

FineLine Health

Error-free tracking where it counts the most.

Matching the right test tube to the right patient is a matter of life and death, and FineLine’s rigorous quality control process upholds the most stringent requirements for healthcare labels. Our labels are also able to withstand harsh conditions and can be used on different materials without impacting the contents. 

  • Labels are always scannable, never duplicated, and come with guaranteed quality and accuracy

  • We conduct years of testing and trials to ensure adhesives are safe and effective for healthcare products 


  • FineLine Health has FDA approval for blood bag labels 

  • Global service capabilities provide labels to healthcare institutions around the world – fast

FineLine Telecom

Keep track of assets no matter where they are.

FineLine labels have remained on some outdoor telecommunications assets for more than 20 years – that’s how well our products stand up to harsh conditions, and how dependable they are for tracking and inventory management. 

  • Our pre-printed labels help you manage the indoor location of telecom assets, and track who removed assets so you maintain accountability and prevent asset loss

  • Elevate your compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley with labeling solutions that help improve financial record keeping and reporting

Don’t see your industry?

Don’t worry. FineLine has the expertise to fulfill your ticket and label needs, too.