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Barcode and RFID technology applications across industries.

Although FineLine has industry specialities, we’re uniquely able to fulfill ticketing and labeling needs for barcode and RFID technology applications in any industry. 

School, collegiate, and public libraries

Library items, including multimedia and patron cards, should have an RFID tag or a unique barcode label to enable tracking of assets and tie each asset to a patron. This type of advanced item-level tracking allows libraries to hold patrons accountable for the return of borrowed items, maintain inventory for immediate understanding of item availability, and provide customers with a better overall experience.

Asset Tracking

Effective asset tracking ensures third-party vendors are held accountable for the assets they use, preventing productivity and financial losses due to unanticipated downtime, or lost or stolen assets. With a unique “name plate” for every asset, your company can easily match each identifier to the specific asset, making accounting, asset tracking, and inventory management much easier.

Industrial rubber products

From transmission belts to rubber items outside of the automotive industry, RFID tags and labels provide tracking information throughout the product life cycle. Item-level tracing using RFID technology ensures easy inventory management, and helps reduce part-related safety issues by identifying problems before products are sold or integrated into other applications.