/ Jan Svoboda

Jan Svoboda

VP of Sales and Marketing

portrait of Jan Svoboda

Jan brings nearly three decades of technology and solutions development expertise to FineLine, with a particular focus on AutoID and RFID technologies. His professional journey includes a notable seven-year period where he honed his skills in product management, business development, and technical sales at industry giants Zebra and Sato. Jan then took on the role of VP of Sales at SMARTRAC, a company he excelled at for a decade. He also lent his considerable expertise to Tageos, providing guidance on RFID technology for four years.

Jan’s skill set extends into the realms of industrial IoT, RTLS, and solution design, with over four years dedicated to enhancing retail and automotive-tire manufacturing tracking solutions at FineLine Technologies. His innovative spirit is evidenced by several patents under his name, underscoring his role as a pioneer in the industry. His strategic insights and established history of success in technology development highlight his invaluable role within FineLine leadership. Outside of his professional pursuits, Jan enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and exploring diverse cultures and history.

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