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Brian Kohrman


portrait of Brian Kohrman

Brian is an established technology leader with a distinguished career spanning nearly three decades. Since 2013, Brian has been committed to the relentless enhancement of FineLine’s systems and services, aiming consistently surpass customer expectations. His focus on agile transformation, particularly through cloud technologies, has positioned FineLine at the vanguard of technological leadership and innovation. Under his guidance, the FineLine IT team has successfully expanded global systems, now accommodating over 70,000 customers, and managing thousands of daily orders.

With a software development and architecting enterprise software solutions leadership background, Brian’s product-centric approach ensures the delivery of exceptional product solutions for FineLine customers. Brian’s technical acumen is rooted in his earned B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Georgia. Brian enjoys spending his spare time engaged in club auto racing, sharing his passion for speed and precision with his family.

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