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Design-In Packaging for Transparency.


Eliminate time-consuming label placement with high-quality, custom printing for your complete package, including your Transparency by Amazon code. We provide individual boxes, sleeves, headers, and inserts printed to your specifications – you provide the artwork, and we deliver a finished package and ship it to you fast.

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Scale serialization with Design-in printing

Don’t Compromise Packaging Design With Labels:

By integrating variable data printing into the design of your packaging and prime labels your product packaging design, look, and feel is not compromised with add-on labels. Your customers’ will continue to enjoy great user experience and enjoyment of your product and packaging, the way your brand team intended.

Improve Operational Efficiency:

By integrating and printing unique serialization codes directly on your product packaging or prime labels, there is no need to manage special serial label inventory, matching labels to products, and applying them as part of additional production step.

Automate Serialization Of Your Products:

By combining high quality variable data printing, and FineLIne’s API integration with Transparency serialization servers we make unique identification of your product packaging seamless. Once enrolled and setup on Transparency, just order and process your product packaging as you normally do.

Lower Costs:

We eliminate your additional costs and overheads of ordering, printing, applying, and checking secondary uniq serialization labels by directly integrating the Transparency code design in your packaging artwork and directly printing on your packaging and prime labels.

Product serialization made simple


Brand identifies placement of code as part of the artwork or prime label and simply orders packaging from FineLine.


FineLine securely downloads codes via Amazon API – automatically prints codes directly on the product packaging or prime label


Brand receives Transparency packaging from FineLine, packs, and ships as usual.

folding cartons

Folding Cartons

Packaging customization and enhancements to help differentiate your brand, products and consumer experience during purchase.

Select from a line of options to complement your brand’s experience.

  • Inks
  • Coatings
  • Textured effects
  • Decorations and enhancements
  • Mobile and interactive features
  • High visibility packaging
  • Carton recycling considerations

Header Cards & Inserts

Header cards and inserts


  • Paper options
  • RFID, NFC,
  • 2D barcodes (QR Code, Datamatrix, and more)
  • 1D barcodes
  • Variable data making each item unique
Engineered and Prime Labels

Prime Labels

  • High Quality Printing ensures that text, graphics, and barcodes are legible and accurately represent the product and brand, enhancing readability and consumer appeal.
  • Customized Materials for a label construction which meets a wide range of adhesive and face material requirements.
  • Ease of Application making sure labels are easy to apply manually or with automated labeling equipment, minimizing production time and labor costs while ensuring accurate placement on product packaging.
  • Retail and Regulatory Compliance to meet specifications and comply with regulatory requirements, such as food labeling regulations, safety standards, and product information disclosure laws, ensuring legal compliance, consumer safety, and individual retailer’s compliance programs.
  • RFID, Barcode and Unique Identification Integration to enable product tracking, inventory management, and supply chain visibility, facilitating efficient logistics and retail operations.

We definitely found FineLines pricing to be competitive and were pleased with their turnaround time. It was pretty cost-effective and definitely saved our team time at the warehouse. In general, FineLine's customer service is fantastic.


Mike Toofer,
Toofer Products

Success Story:

Apollo Sun Seamlessly Integrates Transparency into Natural Supplement Packaging


Transparency uses secure, unique codes that identify individual units, stop counterfeits from reaching customers, improve customer engagement, and give brands valuable insights to help optimize supply chains.

Learn more about Transparency


Choose which products you want to enroll.


Apply Transparency codes to your selected products.


Transparency codes are scanned to ensure only authentic units are shipped.


Customers can scan to confirm product authenticity, regardless of where they made their purchase.


Engage with customers using product data, images, videos, promotions, and more.