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Custom packaging that enhances your brand.

FineLine’s packaging solutions not only reflect the unique essence of your brand but are also optimized with variable data printing, introducing a superior level of customization that significantly enriches the customer experience. This method benefits consumers with personalized interactions and a reinforced sense of product authenticity. For retailers, it facilitates efficient inventory management and ensures compliance with the latest standards for barcoding and RFID enabled products.

custom packaging

Ensuring Retailer Compliance.

Retailer compliance is crucial for vendors to guarantee seamless market access, ensure product visibility, and uphold brand integrity in the competitive retail landscape.

Proactive Inventory Management

The Highest Data Integrity.

Our products always undergo rigorous quality control to ensure total accuracy, and our hub model ensures your packaging will arrive quickly wherever it’s going.

custom packaging

A Broad Industry Reach.

We produce packaging for retail and presentation boxes for events and entertainment, and we have the capability and global presence to serve any industry.

custom packaging

Exceptional Brand Protection.

Our data management and quality control processes ensure you get accurate packaging and on-package labels to maintain the authenticity of your products.

Packaging for Retail Items

FineLine guarantees consistent, on-time delivery of superior quality packaging, featuring accurate printing and precise RFID encoding. This commitment ensures each package not only aligns with retailer RFID compliance but provides our customers with the peace of mind that their packaging is done right!

Packaging for Events & Entertainment

For events that demand bold and creative engagement, our presentation boxes and envelopes are designed to stand out, ensuring each piece not only captures attention with its aesthetic appeal but also maintains 100% accuracy in handling complex data, adding a unique and flawlessly executed element to the attendee experience.


Transparency is a proactive program designed to prevent counterfeit products from reaching customers, ensuring that only authentic goods are sold through its platform by providing a unique, verifiable code for each product unit.

Don’t see your industry?

We provide packaging for retail, events, and other industries.