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Track and Trace, Authentication, and Brand Protection

At FineLine, we specialize in providing seamless track and trace labeling solutions to ensure brand protection, authentication, and unique identification. Our commitment is to get it right, giving you the confidence to conduct your business securely and without stress.

Unique Identification Management

Get It Right Every Time

We can take serial numbers from other sources or develop, generate, and manage serial numbers in FASTtrak – our single platform system that manages FineLine’s global production. This adaptable track and trace data management system not only accommodates various data sources seamlessly but also ensures the efficient control of serial numbers, providing you with a tailored and streamlined process that aligns with the precision and flexibility your operations demand.

EU Digital Product Passport (DPP)

European commission logo - Track and Trace Labeling

Effectively manage and host, or securely share, unique data with our solution providers’ authentication track and trace labeling solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures not only the secure handling and sharing of data but also guarantees the seamless integration of cutting-edge authentication and traceability features.

What is it?

Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a structured collection of product related data with pre-defined scope and agreed data management and access rights conveyed through a unique identifier and that is accessible via electronic means through a data carrier. The intended scope of the DPP is information related to sustainability, circularity, value retention for re-use, re-manufacturing, and recycling.

The DPP’s goals include: 

  • Enhancing sustainable production. 
  • Extending product lifetimes, optimizing product use, and providing new business opportunities to economic actors through circular value retention and extraction.
  • Supporting consumers in making sustainable choices. 
  • Enabling the transition to the circular economy by boosting materials and energy efficiency.
  • Supporting authorities to verify compliance.

FineLine's Solutions:

FineLine FASTtrak platform together with variable data expertise ensures your product is uniquely identified and product metadata is available from the birth.

Unique Identification:
we manage our own or support external unique serialization and identification schemes.

Unique Product Marking:
using a range of technologies we identify your products with RFID, 1D barcodes, 2D (QR Code, Datamatrix), and human readable.

Traceability From Birth:
our FASTtrak platform uniquely tracks your EAN/SKU/UPC from its births, aggregating metadata such as PO number, factory location, shipment tracking, lot, quantity, and more. This data is available to meet compliance requirements and support new use cases.

GS1 Sunrise 2027

GS1 Sunrise 2027 logo - Track and Trace Labeling

What is it?

The EAN/UPC barcode is no longer keeping up with today’s growing demands for greater product information transparency, traceability, and authentication. In response, the global supply chain is moving toward two-dimensional (2D) barcodes that can carry more information and uniquely identify each product.

Industry has set a date to make the transition to accepting 2D barcodes at point-of-sale (POS) or point-of-care (POC) — referred to as Sunrise 2027.

2D barcodes enable standardized method to meet both supply chain needs and evolving consumer requirements. The information carried by 2D barcodes helps enable:

  • Improved inventory management
  • Enhanced recall readiness
  • Greater sustainability and ethical sourcing
  • Better product authentication
  • Greater brand trust
  • Enhanced consumer experience

FineLine's Solutions:

As a GS1 Solution Partner we support and understand GS1 standards and the Sunrise 2027 initiative.

  • FineLine supports GS1 Digital Link 2D Barcodes
  • We understand and support the data standards and schemas
  • We will manage your and your customers’ transition from current UPC/EAN standards to the future Digital Link 2d barcodes

Transparency by Amazon

amazon transparency logo

What is it?

Proactively protect your brand from counterfeits. Transparency protects your brand and customers by ensuring that every unit shipped is authentic.

Verify product authenticity:
Ensure that only authentic units are shipped to customers. Whether fulfilled by Amazon or shipped directly by selling partners, products cannot be listed on Amazon or shipped without valid Transparency codes.

Engage with customers:
Connect with customers post-purchase, no matter where they bought your product. The Amazon Shopping app and the Transparency app both allow customers to scan Transparency codes to confirm authenticity and access content you provide.

Optimize your supply chain:
Gain additional insights on your items at the batch or lot level, helping you identify supply chain or other issues, diagnose their root cause, implement solutions, and improve products with minimal disruption to your business.

FineLine's Solutions:

FineLine is an approved Transparency Service Provider (TSP) delivering compliant and approved Transparency labels and packaging around the globe.

  • Transparency Packaging
  • Transparency Label
  • Each label, tag or package uniquely identified
  • FASTtrak integration with Transparency API
  • Each Transparency code is traceable to individual order and shipment metadata
  • QCtrak application for factory QC to match Transparency codes to their items
  • Code duplication check built into FASTtrak platform

DiSa (Digital Safety Solution)

DiSa logo

What is it?

DiSa (Digital Safety Solution) reinvented the retail experience for customers, suppliers, and retailers. DiSa technology enables a true open sell experience, reduces shrink and eliminates return fraud. Stores that have executed open-sell effectively experience a 20% average sales lift.

Point-of-Sale Registration:
3S Smart Barcodes are used at every PoSA (Point of Sale Activation), tracking your product through the point-of-sale process, registering a valid sale.

Return Fraud Detection:
3S Smart Barcodes track individual items, link to detailed product reporting and provide next level protection against return fraud.

FineLine's Solution:

FineLine incorporates DiSa unique barcodes in labels, tags and packaging to meet the latest retailer and brand Loss Prevention (LP) requirements.

DiSa codes and unique data can be combined with retail RFID compliance tagging and simplify the process of compliance and unique identification for brands, suppliers and vendors.

DiSa example - Track and Trace Labeling

Secure Data Management

Authentication for Peace of Mind

Effectively manage and host, or securely share, unique data with our solution providers’ authentication track and trace labeling solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures not only the secure handling and sharing of data but also guarantees the seamless integration of cutting-edge authentication and traceability features.

Accurate Printing and Encoding

A Solution for Every Variation

We provide a versatile solution encompassing the capability to print and/or encode distinctive identification numbers in a multitude of formats, including but not limited to barcodes, human-readable text, and RFID. This flexibility empowers businesses with the freedom to choose the most suitable format for their specific needs, allowing for seamless integration into diverse systems and enhancing overall operational adaptability.

Universally Unique

Powered by FASTtrak

Our FASTtrak System guarantees the prevention of duplicate creation. We meticulously track and store each Electronic Product Code (EPC) and Tag Identifier (TID) we encode, allowing us to reference order information with a simple scan of an RFID label, regardless of global location.