FineLine News – 2022

FineLine Technologies Awarded Patent for RFID Bead Labels That Enables New Use Cases for Tire Manufacturers and OEMs

Post cure rfid bead label

Post Cure RFID Bead Label

Newly patented vulcanizable RFID labels quickly enable the next generation Industry 4.0 wireless identification of tires, which delivers end-to-end supply chain visibility.

FineLine Technologies, a leading provider of variable data tags and labels for tire and rubber manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and retail industries, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a new patent, Patent No. 11,263,509, which is focused on tracking and tracing of rubber products pre- and post-curing. FineLine RFID pre-cure and post-cure labels are the result of the company’s ongoing investment in R&D, and part of a growing patent portfolio, including but not limited to Patents 10,621,485 and 11,010,654.

Using FineLine’s tire tagging expertise and decades of manufacturing experience, tire manufacturers can quickly upgrade their tire identification technology to RFID while maintaining backwards compatibility with established design and manufacturing processes.

Almost every tire manufactured today uses a barcode label, typically applied on the green tire at the building machine, with many of these pre-cure labels manufactured and supplied by Data2, a division of FineLine Technologies. The proven construction, quality, and performance are all now available in a combined barcode and RFID pre- and post-cure selection of FineLine identification products for Passenger Car (PCT), Truck and Bus Radial (TBR), Off the Road (OTR) as well as other types of tires. Using FineLine RFID products, tire manufacturers can very quickly migrate to RFID to meet OEM use case requirements, e.g., conformance, as well as a wide range of internal manufacturing, logistics, and quality use cases.

George Hoffman, CEO of FineLine Technologies, explained, “The tire industry is moving to Industry 4.0/ digital factory using RFID tags and labels in manufacturing processes. Our patented products enable an enormous amount of critical data to be accessed quickly and easily.” Hoffman continued, “The total applied cost of our RFID bead label is a fraction of the cost of spring tags and other similar RFID solutions on the market.”

FineLine patented RFID bead labels have been implemented at a major global off the road (OTR) tire manufacturer for more than four years   powering Industry 4.0 across their manufacturing. The RFID capabilities of the rugged OTR label enable use cases, such as traceability back to building machines, material flows, weighing of green tires, curing, identification of the individual tires during X-ray and quality processes, warehousing, warranty and claim handling, and other new use cases. The barcode printed on the label continues to support existing use cases and infrastructure not yet upgraded to RFID technology. Step by step, this global tire manufacturer easily implemented RFID creating new value.

Hoffman finished by saying, “Tire manufacturers will increasingly use RFID bead labels to move into Industry 4.0 business cases, such as ‘tires-as-a service’ or ‘pay-per-mile.’ “

FineLine Technologies Registers its 70,000th Customer

RFID tagging continues to drive customer success.

Atlanta, GA, April 5, 2022 – More than 70,000 global retailers and manufacturers are now utilizing FASTtrak, FineLine Technologies innovative online ordering and production platform, to source their barcode and RFID item identification labels. FineLine provides 48 hours or less turnaround times, and with its network of global production facilities, customers worldwide receive their orders in less than 5 business days.

As more global retailers are moving to RFID mandates for their tagging programs, FineLine’s focus on continuous improvement in technology helps keep our customers at the forefront of digital innovative. RFID tagging is driving increased supply chain efficiencies throughout every part of a brand’s journey from manufacturing to the end user, and FineLine’s solutions provide the speed, service, innovation, and visibility to support their success.

About FineLine Technologies
FineLine Technologies was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. FineLine provides barcoded and RFID integrated labels, tags, and badges for supply chain, omni-channel fulfillment, POS, access control, and consumer engagement needs. FineLine produces billions of tickets annually through its global network of print hubs delivering them on average in less than five days. FineLine offers its more than 70,000 registered suppliers with online order placement, tracking, and analytics to help customers efficiently manage their supply chains. Learn more at

FineLine News – 2021

65,000 Vendors Registered on FASTtrak!

Norcross, GA –  Another milestone achieved by FineLine recently,  registering its 65,000th customer! A testimony to FineLine’s reach with domestic and international retailers. Vendors continue to choose our FASTtrak global ordering and production platform.

Price marking and correct identification labels constitute the foundation of virtually every retailer’s digital ecosystem supporting critical functions such as automated checkout, inventory control, stock replenishment, consumer analytics, and most recently retailers’ rapid essential transition to omnichannel and contactless delivery.

To support retailers’ increasing reliance on item marking, FineLine is continually investing in advanced technology solutions to provide item identification tagging with 100% data accuracy, produced in 48 hours and delivered anywhere in the world in less than 5 business days.

As we increase our vendor network, daily, we thank our retailers and their suppliers who continue to choose FineLine to support their barcode and RFID ticketing needs.

REMA TIP TOP and FineLine Technologies launch new RFID products for aftermarket identification of tires

Tracking in the retreading process | Identification during operation | Fleet asset management | Finalist in the “Innovation Award 2020” of the European Rubber Journal

Poing near Munich, Germany & Norcross GA – While the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to identify tires is nothing new, a reliable aftermarket RFID solution to equip tires already in use has been missing, until now.

In Europe, approximately 6.7 million truck tires are being retreaded every year (a process that each truck tire goes through two to three times during its lifetime). To ensure that the retreading process is transparent and traceable, the tire must be identified and documented beyond doubt at every stage of the process. Many retreaders have reported that casings cannot be reliably tracked through the process. REMA TIP TOP AG and FineLine Technologies provide a solution with two newly developed RFID Patches: REMA ID SF and REMA ID CV. These products allow truck tires to be identified wirelessly, without visual markings, creating a secure and error free process, independent from the tire manufacturer.

REMA ID: Reliable identification of truck tires via RFID
Identification methods such as barcode stickers and laser engraving have been used to identify tires in the past. These methods are highly prone to errors: markings often fall off, becoming dirty or damaged and result in unidentifiable tires. “With the various legacy identifiers, the usual failure rate is around 25 percent,” explains REMA TIP TOP’s Product Manager Jan Wilke. “using the new REMA ID RFID products, we offer a reliable, sustainable and flexible solution that can be used to identify, track and trace new and retreaded truck tires throughout the entire product life cycle”.

According to Jos Uijlenbroek, tire RFID development director at FineLine Technologies,  “working with REMA TIP TOP, we brought the best of ‘both worlds’ together. We combined FineLine’s knowledge of RFID technology with REMA’s outstanding knowledge of rubber, bonding technologies and repair materials”. This combination of unique technologies from FineLine Technologies and REMA TIP TOP delivers two patented product offerings:

REMA ID SF: The industry’s first solvent-free tracking technology
REMA ID SF, short for Solvent Free, is vulcanized directly into the tire during retreading and is the industry’s first technology to work in a completely solvent-free way. The built-in RFID tag easily survives the complete retread process.  More specifically, it can withstand temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius that occur during vulcanization, as well as the compression, expansion and friction forces during operation. With a thickness of just 1.2 millimeters and a weight of less than one gram, the RFID patch does not cause any imbalance and is optimally protected in the tire at the same time.

REMA ID CV: Smart fleet management
REMA ID CV stands for Cold Vulcanization and is applied subsequently to the mounted, or inflated tire, or applied on the inner liner of the tire. The CV patch is designed for operators of truck fleets, leasing providers of truck tires or tire inspectors. The patch is used to identify the tires at any time during operation. This way, the tire’s mileage, wear or history can be accurately tracked, independent of the vehicle. The transponder is incorporated into a patch that is applied to the tire by means of self-vulcanization. After 24 hours, at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the patch has completely cured in place.

Ecological and economic optimization thanks to modern RFID technology
The RFID transponders used in both variants rely on the global RFID Class-1-Gen2-UHF standard and have been tested on the tire test bench in accordance with the European standard ECE-R109/ECE-R30. Well over 100 readings per second are possible over the distance of up to five meters depending on the type of tire and location of the patch. The ID of each patch is unique worldwide. This enables retreaders and fleet operators to significantly increase their productivity.

REMA TIP TOP is a global systems provider of services and products in conveyor and retreading technology and for tire repairs. The company has a global service network and offers a wide range of natural rubber products, natural rubber coatings and coatings for industry and the automotive sector. The company has built up unique expertise in materials development and industrial services over nearly a century and is active in the belting, material processing, surface protection and automotive business areas. At the end of fiscal year 2019, REMA TIP TOP generated sales of approximately 1.1 billion euros. The company employs more than 8,000 people worldwide and has more than 190 subsidiaries and associated companies – including well-known brands such as Dunlop Belting Products South Africa and Asplit.

About FineLine Technologies
FineLine Technologies provides barcode and RFID integrated labels, tags, and badges for supply chain, omnichannel fulfillment, POS, access control, and consumer engagement within the retail, sports & entertainment, automotive, aerospace and, healthcare industries. FineLine produces billions of tickets annually through its network of strategically located print hubs in the U.S., Canada, China, Netherlands, South Africa, and India. With more than 60,000 registered customers around the world, we facilitate online order placement, tracking, and analytics to help customers more efficiently manage their supply chains. Learn more at


CPI printed commemorative tickets for first Army-Navy game at Michie Stadium since 1943.  

Norcross, GA – On December 12, 2020, the 121st Army-Navy football game was held at Michie Stadium in West Point, NY, marking the first time the rivalry played out on either school’s campus since 1943. Consolidated Printing, Inc. (CPI), A Division of FineLine Technologies, is honored to have played a role in this historic event.

Owing to its long-standing partnership with Army Athletics, CPI was called upon to produce souvenir tickets that merge past with present. The design was inspired by a vintage ticket from the 1943 game, and features a replica of that historic ticket on the reverse side.

Army and Navy have faced off regularly since 1890, including every year since 1930. Since 1899, most of the games had been held in neutral locations, the only exceptions being 1942 (at Navy’s Memorial Stadium) and 1943 (at Army’s Michie Stadium), both due to World War II travel restrictions. The 2020 game was originally to be held in Philadelphia, but attendance limitations due to COVID-19 led to the relocation to West Point for the first time since 1943.

Congratulations to Army on a dominant 15-0 win!

Consolidated Printing, Inc., A Division of FineLine Technologies, offers a wide range of products and services to help its clients facilitate event admission and improve fan experience. From basic tickets and parking passes to custom packaging and state-of-the-art RFID solutions, CPI has been an industry leader for over 30 years and proudly serves a diverse clientele spanning the worlds of sports, culture, performing arts and more.

FineLine onboards new retailer, Patterns & Dots

Norcross, GA – Brand new, brick and mortar retailer, Patterns and Dots has selected FineLine Technologies, as the primary supplier for all retail barcode tickets and price labels.

Opening its flagship store in the Northeastern region, the retailer opted to outsource the service bureau printing for its variable barcode hang tags. Since going live with FineLine, Patterns and Dots has experienced 1.8-day turnaround timeframes to help enhance the supply chain and ultimately get pre-ticketed apparel merchandise to the shelves, faster.

Utilizing FASTtrak, FineLine’s online ordering portal, Patterns and Dots executives manage ticketing orders and view program analytics within minutes. Before signing with FineLine, many Patterns and Dots partners were already doing business with the global ticketing provider, making the transition seamless. Once onboarded, vendors will also use FASTtrak to place orders 24/7, check order status via desktop or mobile devices, and track shipments via geo-tracking links.

Welcome Patterns & Dots and we look forward to working with you!

About Patterns and Dots

PATTERNS & DOTSTM Retail store services features apparel including tops, bottoms for adults and children, sweaters, and cardigans, knitwear, and wovens. The retailer plans to open 10 more locations in the New York region in 2021.

FineLine News – 2020

FineLine introduces new RFID inventory label for jewelry, accessories, and watches.

Implementing FineLine’s RFID inventory labels for jewelry, accessories, and watches, retailers have the opportunity to improve their inventory accuracy to 98% or greater. 

Jewelry, accessories, and watches have long been regarded as “hard-to-tag” products. This is due to the merchandise size and metal composition, packaging size and materials, and various merchandising methods; racks, glass cases, and other fixtures where products are often densely packed. Being hard-to-tag refers to the aesthetics of the inventory label on the merchandise and inventory management. If the barcode label is placed out of sight, or is illegible, inventory counts can be inaccurate. This leads to increased time and labor costs to count merchandise on the retail floor, fewer and/or inaccurate cycle counts, and even the possibility of theft.

To address the need for improved scanning and tag readability, FineLine has rolled out 5 additional RFID inventory labels for jewelry, accessories, and watches. The labels are compliant with the RFID performance and quality specifications required by Auburn University’s ARC program. With FineLine’s RFID inventory labels, RFID scanning equipment is better able to scan and count densely packed merchandise, such as earring cards, watch boxes or cuffs, and rings.

The expanded RFID inventory labels product line includes:

  • multiple antenna sizes and shapes
  • new IC for improved read performance in smaller antenna sizes
  • removable adhesives for application to delicate packaging
  • pattern adhesives for direct application to merchandise
  • color for branding and merchandise placement
  • legible small text

Retailers within the jewelry market segment have seen remarkable sales growth in e-commerce, as consumers pivoted to increased online shopping this year. To accommodate the shift to online shopping, retailers must now more than ever ensure that inventory management and item tagging is at its highest level of accuracy. Retailers that are successfully making the shift, are implementing item level RFID tagging for inventory accuracy and turning their stores into fulfillment centers.  Retailers are also utilizing RFID earlier in the supply chain to maximize ROI, at distribution centers, retail back rooms, and  the retail store fronts. Implementing FineLine’s RFID inventory labels for jewelry, accessories, and watches, retailers have the opportunity to improve their inventory accuracy to 98% or greater, up from as low as 60%.

According to, the value of the total global jewelry market will increase from approximately 278.56 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to 480.5 billion U.S. dollars by 20251 . To claim a piece of this market, retailers are called to improve inventory accuracy, customer satisfaction, and ultimately the bottom line. FineLine’s new RFID inventory labels are specifically designed to improve inventory accuracy for merchandise and packaging with limited real estate, varied materials, and dense displays. With the right tagging solutions from FineLine Technologies, retailers can realize the seamless integrated supply chain, which is pivotal to success in brick and mortar, buy-online-pick up in store, and e-commerce sales channels.



  1. This statistic shows the value of the jewelry market worldwide from 2018 to 2025. In 2018, the total global jewelry market was valued at approximately 278.56 billion U.S. dollars and was forecast to reach a value of 480.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. Visit Article
  1. Auburn University RFID Lab


FineLine registers its 60,000th customer 

Norcross, GA – FineLine Technologies achieved another milestone this week registering its 60,000th customer! In just over one year the company has registered another 10,000 vendors, a testimony to the robustness of our FASTtrak global ordering and production platform.

Price marking and identification labels constitute the foundation of virtually every retailer’s digital ecosystem supporting critical functions such as automated checkout, inventory control, stock replenishment, consumer analytics, and most recently retailers’ rapid transition to omnichannel.

To support retailers’ increasing reliance on item marking, FineLine is continually investing in technology solutions to provide item identification tagging with 100% data accuracy, produced in 48 hours and delivered anywhere in the world is less than 5 business days.

As we cross another significant milestone, we want to thank our retailer and supplier customers who continue to choose us every day to support their barcode and RFID ticketing needs.


FineLine granted new patent for the RFID Tire Plug design

FineLine Tire Tracking

FineLine Technologies, a leading provider of identification solutions for complex global supply chains, has been issued another patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – US Patent No. US D880,414 S titled “RFID TIRE PLUG”.

The patent covers the design of an RFID plug developed for the pre-vulcanization application of RFID devices into rubber, for example solid tires used on forklifts and harbor cranes tires, or other solid rubber products.

The FineLine RFID solution is designed primarily for application at the tire building machine or rubber product building stages, prior to vulcanization.

This pre-cure solution complies with industry standardized RFID technology requirements (ISO18000-6C, ISO20909 – 209012). With RFID, tire manufacturers have enhanced tracking and tracing capabilities within the Industry 4.0/Digital Factory.

J2A Nominations are in – RFID Vulcanizable Tire Label is in the running!

The inherent need for tracking and tracing of goods through multi-step production processes, complex supply chains, and strict distribution networks, has never been more critical, or obvious, than it is today. As we work tirelessly to provide tracking and tracing functionality through RFID labelling for tires and merchandise, FineLine is being recognized by the tire industry!

FineLine Technologies is pleased to be nominated by the European Rubber Journal in its new Journey to Automation (J2A) Awards. FineLine is 1 of only 3 finalists, for the innovation and real-world application of its patented RFID retread mesh label* in the Tire Sustainability category.

Winners will be announced at the virtual J2A ceremony on 16th September 2020 at 2pm BST/3pm CET. To register for the virtual event click here: Register.

Read more about FineLine’s RFID retread mesh label and other products at or contact us.



FineLine Announces Issuance of Another Patent for Innovative Tire Identification

FineLine Technologies, a leading provider of identification solutions for complex global supply chains, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a US Patent No. 10,621,485 titled “RFID MESH LABEL, TIRE HAVING RFID MESH LABEL INTEGRALLY INCORPORATED THEREIN, AND METHODS OF MAKING.” The patent covers the integration of RFID tags into tires as part of the tire vulcanization process.

The FineLine RFID solution is designed primarily for application at tire building machine stage, prior to the vulcanization of tires. This pre-cure solution complies with industry standardized RFID technology requirements (ISO18000-6C, ISO20909 – 209012, ETRTO) and can be combined with printed 1D or 2D barcodes to provide backwards compatibility with existing visual identification systems. FineLine is also an active member of the ISO working group, ISO/TC 31/WG 10, which defines the global standards for RFID in tires, including RF technology, data encoding, embedding methods, and testing methods.

“This is one of many in a growing portfolio of FineLine patents focused on the integration of RFID sensors for pre-cure and post cure applications in tires and other vulcanized products“
—  George Hoffman, CEO of FineLine

Hoffman continued, “The tire manufacturing industry is faced with a wide range of new requirements for identification and traceability of tires. These new requirements are driven by automotive OEM requirements, government legislation as well as internal tire manufacturers’ business cases. FineLine is an approved supplier to many leading tire manufacturers in the industry and we continue to invest in innovation.”

Tires are one of the most critical consumable components we rely on everyday to safely and reliably transport our most precious cargo as well as the majority of goods and services. The opportunity to make tires smarter to improve safety, efficiency and consumer experience is expected to grow significantly over the next 2-5 years.

About FineLine Technologies tire solutions
FineLine Technologies develops and produces barcoded, and RFID integrated labels, tags, and stickers for major tire manufacturers, retailers, re-treaders and fleet operators, worldwide.  Our innovative RFID enabled tags for mold management, tire production, logistics and fleet management organizations are helping to improve the global tire market, with better inventory accuracy, traceability and connectivity. Learn more at

FineLine Technologies selected by Los Angeles Lakers to produce Kobe Bryant Memorial badges

FineLine Technologies is honored to have been selected by the Los Angeles Lakers to provide the 35,000 commemorative tickets distributed, during the Kobe Bryant memorial service held at the Lakers Staples Center.  The packed audience – including 3,500 VIP guests, each received their uniquely designed ticket, as a keepsake from this event.

With a very short 5 day window, the Lakers organization chose the only provider who could handle this job – CPI, now a division of FineLine Technologies. CPI has been the Lakers season ticket supplier for the last 20 years, printing millions of high quality, exceptionally designed tickets for the top-ranked NBA team.

“We’re pleased to be the trusted partner that provides excellent products, and services that our customers can count on – when they need us the most.” says George Hoffman, FineLIne’s CEO.

Consolidated Printing, Inc., now a division of FineLine Technologies is a full-service commercial printer, specializing in custom event ticket printing combined with state-of-the-art technologies. Over the years, CPI has served organizations and events from nearly every field of the sports and entertainment industries, including major sports leagues such as the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA and as well as some of the most famous names in entertainment such as the Emmy’s, Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall.

TireTech 2020 – FineLine showcases its labeling solutions for OTR.

Tire Tech 2020 is 1 month away and the FineLine team is excited to bring our innovative solutions to the expo floor. Tire manufacturers, re-treaders, OEMs and industry experts will have the opportunity to meet with our informative team and view live proof of concept demos at stand 8066, Hall 21.

This year our demonstrations will focus on the use of RFID for identifying, tracking, tracing and identifying green and finished tire products throughout the supply chain.

Tire Technology Expo is Europe’s most important tire manufacturing technology exhibition and conference. With exhibits from many of the world’s most important tire industry suppliers, plus a major conference, workshop program and industry-leading awards dinner. Tire Technology Expo is a must-attend industry event.

Visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates will enjoy networking opportunities that are unrivaled within the tire manufacturing sector.

For the second year in-a-row, the list of speakers includes Jos Uijlenbroek, our Vice President who will be presenting the Vulcanized RFID barcode bead label. Jos will review the use of RFID bead labels to track and trace tires, especially OTR tires, from production processes all the way to the customer location. Join Jos on Tuesday, February 27.

FineLine offers RFID SMART tagging solutions that allow tire manufacturers, retailers and re-treaders to gather and store production data – on each individual tire! See for yourself, at the onsite demonstrations of our innovative RFID solutions for bead, tread and mold usage. Critical to tire manufacturing logistics, supply chain and inventory management, fleet management, re-treader and aviation applications. To schedule an appointment or a one on one demo email us at, before the expo.

To register online for your free exhibition passes, click here.

Read more about FineLine tire solutions at

Stand #8066 / Hall 21

FineLine News – 2019

Chinese retailer, Kingogo – partners with FineLine Technologies

As of May 2019, Kingogo has partnered with FineLine to deliver quality and accurate garment tickets. Kingogo, a Chinese baby and children’s wear retailer, selected FineLine to address its garment ticketing data management challenges. As Kingogo’s exclusive supplier of...

FineLine Technologies partners with Chinese e-retailer, Shell

Shell, a specialty Chinese baby and children’s wear e-retailer, has partnered with FineLine Technologies, a global provider of barcode and RFID integrated hangtags, tickets and label, to improve their ticketing supply chain management. FineLine presented a...

FineLine Technologies recaps RVCF 2019 Spring

As a long-standing member of the Retail Value Chain Federation (RVCF), FineLine once again participated in the bi-annual conference, designed to drive collaboration and efficiency between retailers, suppliers and all players within the retail supply chain. The Spring...

FineLine registers its 50,000th customer

Norcross, GA – FineLine Technologies achieved another milestone this week registering its 50,000th customer!  A real testament to FineLine’s dedication to providing our retailer and vendor customers with the fastest turn times, quality products and the best service in...

FineLine recaps India Rubber Expo 2019 – January 17-19

India Rubber Expo (IRE) is Asia’s largest Rubber Exhibition and one of the most eagerly awaited events in the region. A valuable platform for growth, ideas exchange and collaboration, the event provides a unique opportunity for manufacturers, suppliers and...

RFID, Industry 4.0 digital factories and the connected SMART tire

The Digital Factory Tires are universal. Every year approximately 2 billion tires are produced, worldwide. But behind the scenes, tire manufacturing, retreading and retail  is a very complex industry. It is partly so complicated, because the tire industry is one of...

FineLine News – 2018

Innovative Curing and Tire Building Forum – Marc Flederus presents

Marc FlederusVP of Ferm RFIDa Division of FineLine Technologies Get ready for The 2nd Annual Innovative Curing and Tire Building Forum – December 13-14, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Industry leaders  will discuss the latest innovations and developments of the...

FASTtrak Mobile – Now with QCtrak*

Norcross, GA – FASTtrak Mobile, FineLine Technologies’ app for tracking, viewing, and managing orders via mobile devices, has been updated to include an enhanced version of the patented QCtrak* solution. QCTrak provides physical to digital asset tracking,...

FineLine Technologies Partners with Youngland

Norcross, GA – FineLine Technologies, is pleased to partner with Youngland (aka Kid City Stores) as the primary supplier for all of Youngland’s retail tickets and price labels. Prior to partnering with FineLine, Kid City printed 100% of their tickets, over...

Jan Svoboda joins FineLine, bolstering our RFID team

Jan Svoboda, Director of RFID Business Development Jan Svoboda joins the FineLine Technologies executive team as our new Director of RFID Business Development. Jan has over 20 years of experience within the high-tech business and product development...

FineLine’s tire tread label meets global RFID standards

Norcross, GA  — FineLine Technologies is in partnership with a number of top tire producers to further develop and test its tire tread label, the first of its kind, which allows entire pallets of tires to be read in a single pass. Our supply chain partners...

FineLine Turns 20!

George Hoffman congratulates the staff, founders and customers on FineLine Technologies turning 20.

FineLine Technologies partners with LifeSouth to save lives

Thank you to our all FineLine employees that donated during the recent blood drive. You’re saving lives! NORCROSS, GA.  Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood1 and right now there is an emergency need for blood at hospitals throughout the region. FineLine...

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