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Are you ready for RFID mandate compliance deadlines for Walmart?

Walmart vendors are required to apply RFID tags and labels to new expansion categories by February 1, 2024.

Submit samples to University of Auburn (ARC) for approval

FineLine will help you get RFID approved and deliver tags & labels within 5 days on average

Items arriving in stores must be RFID tagged by February 1, 2024

FineLine can print and ship RFID tags to your distribution centers overnight in the U.S. or within 48 hours outside of the U.S. Start planning now!

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All national, proprietary, supplier and private brands

All Walmart US Stores Including: HI, AK, PR and .Com Merchandise

Source tagged: Tags integrated into packaging per guidelines

All product arriving in stores February 1, 2024

Compliant to GS1 and Auburn University RFID lab ARC Standards

Order your RFID tags and labels from FineLine and enjoy our high-quality, quick-turn printing and shipping!


New Departments:
D03 – Stationery
D05 – Media and Gaming
D06 – Cameras and Supplies
D10 – Automotive
D11 – Hardware
D12 – Paint
D16 – Lawn and Garden
D19 – Crafts
D21 – Books

Home Departments
D14 – Kitchen
D17 – Home Decor
D20 – Bath and Shower
D22 – Bedding
D71 – Furniture
D74 – Home Management

Electronics Departments
D72 – Electronics
D87 – Wireless

Toys Department
D07 – Toys

Sporting Goods Departments
D09 – Sporting Goods

Automotive Departments
D10 – Automotive Tires (Modular)
D10 – Automotive Batteries
Car and Truck Batteries
Lawn and Garden Batteries
Motorcycle Batteries