Norcross, GA (September 2015)  – FineLine Technologies, Inc. (FineLine), a leading provider of barcode ticketing solutions for retailers and vendors worldwide, announced today that Tilly’s has named FineLine the exclusive supplier of barcode labels and price tickets to the Tilly’s global vendor network.  Prior to partnering with FineLine, Tilly’s printed price tickets and stickers in their US distribution center and shipped them to vendors all over the world.  The cost of supporting vendor ticketing from the US included printer hardware and service, printing supplies, labor, and freight.  Utilizing FineLine’s FastTrak™ website, Tilly’s will maintain complete visibility and control of their ticketing process, while reducing overall costs.  Tilly’s vendors can place orders, check order status, track shipments, and review order analytics online.  Tickets are produced and shipped within 48 hours.  FineLine’s customer service teams in the US and Asia support vendors directly during the transition.

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