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Power your inventory and supply chain with optimized order placement and tracking.

FASTtrak is the powerful data management engine behind order placement, order tracking, and supply chain visibility that connects you to vendors, factories, and production facilities around the world. From the initial order to fulfillment, FASTtrak streamlines the entire process.

Designed for supply chain owners.

The FASTtrak order placement and tracking platform provides a simple web order interface so you can manage every order and streamline your supply chain.

  • Easily manage different print formats
  • Navigate the often complex business rules of compliance programs
  • Enjoy EDI and data feed integrations
  • Conduct account and order management

A win for your brand.

Demonstrating the authenticity of your products only enhances the customer experience and brand loyalty. Plus, the Transparency app allows end-users to verify the product for themselves and access additional product information.

Easy to onboard.

We’ll customize the FASTtrak order placement and tracking platform to meet your needs, so you can see the details of every purchase order and the analytics driving production – all in one place.

  1. Provide your business rules, data, ticketing or labeling specifications.
  2. The FASTtrak platform will be customized to your rules and requirements.
  3. You’ll approve samples of each ticket or label from an order processed through FASTtrak during User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  4. Upon approval, FASTtrak is made available to FineLine manufacturing facilities and vendors for streamlined order processing and fulfillment.
  5. After testing and final approval, FASTtrak is made available to your vendors and supplier factories for fast, easy placement of ticket or label orders.

Easy for your vendors.

Vendors log in and place orders on our intuitive order interface. Then, FineLine’s production team immediately takes that data and fulfills the order – sometimes within minutes. All order data is aggregated in a single platform and aligned with each vendor for easy tracking and notification.

  1. Vendors receive the purchase order from their retailer and place the order in the FASTtrak system.
  2. FASTtrak automatically sends the order to the production facility closest to the shipping address.
  3. FASTtrak verifies the order accuracy using its data-driven quality control system.
  4. The order is shipped to the vendor’s factory.
  5. Shipment and delivery notifications and information are immediately updated on FASTtrak.

FASTtrak advantages for manufacturers.

  • Increase productivity in other areas of the business by reducing the time spent on ticketing and labeling process management.
  • Manage an increasingly diverse mix of vendors around the world.
  • Save costs and virtually eliminate ticketing and labeling errors.
  • Use real-time data to make better decisions about ticketing function and logistics.

FASTtrak advantages for vendors.

  • Allows your suppliers and manufacturers to better meet the needs of your customers.
  • Reduce overhead by outsourcing ticketing and labeling instead of maintaining the equipment and materials for in-house printing and shipping.
  • Eliminate long wait-times for ticket and label deliveries, so you can ship products faster and keep your supply chain moving.
  • Easily handle complex manufacturer requirements and specifications.
  • Reduce chargebacks due to timing or quality issues with tags and labels.
  • Reduce administrative time and costs and eliminate errors using an automated ordering process.

Risk-free order tracking on desktop or mobile.

When you use FASTtrak, all requests and transactions are routed through FineLine’s secure servers. Only users with valid FASTtrak accounts can access FASTtrak, and accounts time out automatically from inactivity. When logged in, you’ll only see purchase orders associated with your account.

Fulfillment and order tracking with perfect timing.

We know you don’t have time to wait for slow, weeks-long ticket or label production timelines. That’s why the back-end of our FASTtrak ordering and data management system is just as intuitive as the front-end. Once an order is placed, it is immediately connected to the closest production facilities and factories around the world, so your order is fulfilled with industry-leading speed and accuracy.

Supporting your growth.

FASTtrak allows us to aggregate all product data and information across customers, vendors, product facilities, and factories, and make it available to you immediately. That kind of visibility into your supply chain supports business growth and scalability, empowering efficiency from ordering to fulfillment.

Worldwide order tracking

View order status, RFID asset tracking, and delivery information in real-time using a direct link to your shipping vendor’s website.

Service summary analytics

Get powerful insights, including order summaries, turnaround times, Received-at-Vendor information, top ship-to countries and products, average order size metrics, and facility overviews.


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