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Smarter Retailing

RFID is revolutionizing retail ticketing, and FineLine Technologies has leveraged our core capabilities into RFID. We print, produce and encode RFID tickets in 36 hours on average – just as fast as we print standard retail tickets.

Many global retailers and brand owners use FineLine produced RFID hangtags and labels, including Macy’s, Saks, Lord & Taylor, Hudson Bay Company and Target.

RFID hangtags dramatically shorten the time required for inventory management, while increasing accuracy to near-perfect levels. FineLine integrated RFID products are hardware and software agnostic, to support a variety of supply chain, omni-channel and digital store initiatives.

Watch our video to learn how FineLine Technologies can improve your supply chain. 

The FineLine RFID Advantage

FineLine Technologies offers fully integrated RFID hangtags, labels and badges. We offer leading edge technology for printing and encoding RFID tags and labels, and the fastest production times in the industry – 36-48 hours on average, with same day and next day prioritization available. We offer several serialization options and flexible tag, label sizes and form factors.

And, as with our standard tickets, a team of dedicated customer service specialists, empowered to provide same-day problem resolution, is available to assist customers.

Visit our FineLine Resource Center to download more information on RFID.

Maximize Your RFID Investment


FineLine makes maximizing your ROI easy with QCtrak*, our patented software solution. QCtrak is a simple, intuitive compliance program for RFID tagged merchandise. This mobile application helps to ensure suppliers are using only client approved RFID inlays and verifies EPC-UPC match.

*Patent US 9,652,733 B2

QCtrak guides the user through each step of the process, and it works on most iOS devices. The only additional required hardware is a UHF RFID reader. The audit mode is based on ARC program standards developed by Auburn University.

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