RFID Labels – The Future of Supply Chain Tagging

Smarter Tagging Solutions

RFID is revolutionizing how items are tracked throughout the supply chain; at the source, distribution center, warehouse, and at consumption.

RFID tag and label technology enables superior track and trace capabilities and dramatically shortens the time required for inventory management, while increasing accuracy to near-perfect levels.

FineLine’s integrated RFID tags are hardware and software agnostic, providing flexibility to utilize the tags across channels and with multiple channel partners.

Leveraging global teams with subject matter expertise and industry knowledge across verticals, we provide RFID tag and label services and solutions to the retail, tire, event management, food tracking, and industrial sectors.

From apparel distribution centers in the USA to tire manufacturers in Italy, we work with our customers to enact supply chain, omni-channel, and digital store and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

We’re here to help you wherever you are on your RFID tag and label journey!

RFID Tags for Retail

The benefits of RFID for retail are proven. Improved inventory accuracy enables retailers to leverage inventory across store locations, enact omni-channel initiatives, improve sales, and increase margins by selling fewer merchandise at markdown.

FineLine Technologies has leveraged our core capabilities into integrated RFID tagging solutions to print and encode RFID tickets in 36 hours on average – just as fast as we print standard retail tickets.

RFID tags and labels are developed to meet customers’ total ticketing requirements: read performance, visual appearance, and application to merchandise.

Product features include: data transformations, global and regional print formats, color variable printing of logo, size bar, or product image, material, adhesive, and construction options.

Global retailers and brand owners use FineLine produced RFID hangtags and labels, including Macy’s, Target, Matalan, and Inditex.

RFID Tags for Tires


Automotive, industrial and aviation tire manufacturers, fleet managers and re-treaders have tagging options with FineLine. Our patent pending products are designed in compliance with worldwide tire safety regulations and guidelines. With emphasis on:

  • Durability. Tested under real world manufacturing and operating conditions, our solutions are proven to function under the most extreme conditions.
  • Data management. FineLine’s RFID tagging products provide tire supply chain owners with tracking, tracing and validating functionality through the tire life cycle.
  • Quality Management. With RFID tagging solutions, inventory and stock taking operations and accuracy are improved exponentially.

FineLine’s tire tagging solutions provide full process transparency, to quickly identify and trace process inefficiency or quality issues within the tire manufacturing or re-treading process.

RFID Tags for Events & Entertainment

Ensuring guest satisfaction should be the No. 1 objective for event organizers, museum and stadium management and corporate conference organizers. Guest satisfaction starts with the minute the ticket is received. FineLine uses RFID or NFC technology to encode passes with guest data to provide that personalized and engaging experience. RFID integrated wristband, badges help to track patrons and guests that the venue or event, validate access, and speed up entry processes.

The FineLine RFID Advantage

FineLine Technologies offers fully integrated RFID labels, hangtags, bead labels, stickers, tread labels, mold and tooling tags, and badges. We offer leading edge technology for developing, printing and encoding RFID tags and labels, and the fastest production times in the industry – 36-48 hours on average, with same day and next day prioritization available. We offer several serialization options and flexible tag, label sizes and form factors.

Visit our FineLine Resource Center to download more information.

Maximize Your RFID Investment

Maximize your RFID ROI by utilizing QCtrak*, FineLine’s patented software solution.  While RFID label and tag technology and its benefits are proven, it can be a challenge to source and apply RFID tags to merchandise correctly when requirements vary across retail customers.

An inlay approved by one retail customer may not be approved by another retail customer for the same product.  And applying the RFID tag to the wrong location on packaging may prevent the tag from reading at all!

QCtrak, eliminates the need to manage tagging requirements  manually by offering two applications – SCAN and AUDIT.  Both applications utilize a mobile device (phone or tablet), mobile application, and mobile UHF reader.

SCAN provides the user with immediate information about the RFID tag – the TID, encoded EPC, and decoded UPC for visual verification.

AUDIT guides the user through each step of a store audit. Following the ARC program standards developed by Auburn University.

Both applications upload reports to the cloud to be aggregated for reporting.

QCtrak supports the retailer’s RFID compliance program. With QCtrak, retailers can verify that only approved RFID inlays are used and are meeting performance standards and requirements.

*Patent US 9,652,733 B2

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