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Connect with guests, patrons and visitors through the use of RFID or NFC technology, while providing personalized and engaging experience. FineLine leverages it’s data management and high-speed encoding best practices to technologically enhance event ticketing, museums visits, stadiums experiences, corporate conferences, and much more. Through RFID enabled wrist bands, passes, tickets and other credentials, we help event and facility managers create a personalized “technological” experience for guests and attendees, while delivering creative personalized credentials.

With our credentials products, event and facility guests interact with your brand in a unique and personalized way … in real-time. Event organizers can make informed decisions for scheduling and planning with complete visibility into guest participation, available through FineLine’s data management platform.

Applications for RFID enabled credentials include:

  • Trade show management
  • Sports venues
  • Amusement parks
  • Aquariums
  • Special and corporate events
  • Festivals
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Individual sports events – long distance running: marathons, half-marathons, 10k runs
  • Tournaments


Event managers and advertisers use RFID and NFC technology to:


  • Create individual experiences for patrons

  • Improve security and authorized access based on individual information
  • Secure management of event ticketing and patron data (access, payment, age, etc.)
  • Build your loyalty base with personalized messaging for future events and promotions
  • Streamline access and flow
  • Improve planning and forecasting for future operations – Successful Events = Repeat Business
  • Prevent fraud, no two credential products are the same!

Through the use of print and wireless technologies (e.g. RFID and NFC) our products are:



  • Designed with variable graphical and print colors and images, material types and thickness to appropriately represent your brand and event, even as memorabilia after the event.
  • Each badge, wristband or credential is unique to the holder of that credential item. Organizers gain access to great insights about preferences, flow, activities, engagement and usage for better planning, scheduling, and increasingly more engaging experiences.


  • Take event ticketing customization to the next level with individualized interaction enabled by print, NFC and/or RFID
  • Guests can easily  “tap  in”, make purchases or register with NFC
  • Individualized interaction and flow management with long range RFID


  • Securely represent unique customer data, including name, payment info, team preferences, etc. within each credential product.  Data is securely managed in FASTtrak, FineLine’s secure online platform for access by the organizers at ANY time.

  • FineLine employs advanced  security print features, to eliminate potential duplication or fraudulent practices
  • Each credential is encoded with a combination of unique data (HF, NFC, or UHF RFID)
  • Trace each credential via QCtrak* , from source to usage anywhere in the world


FineLine uses the most up to date technology to keep you connected with your guests and patrons. Enabled by a combination of connectivity technologies (HF, NFC, UHF RFID), visitors can:

  • Tap in
  • Interact
  • Experience
  • Pay
  • Access
  • Authenticate

*Patent US 9,652,733 B2

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