In Retail – Ticketing is Key

Retail Tag & Inventory Solutions for Apparel & Footwear

Seasonal trends, fast-fashion demands and the need to improve efficiency throughout the supply chain has driven major fashion retailers to partner with FineLine Technologies as their fast-turn, global ticketing provider.

With FineLine’s expertise in service, innovative production processes, high quality retail tags, barcode, fully integrated RFID pricing labels, stickers, tickets and retail inventory systems, we help department stores and merchandisers identify and track product through the supply chain – from vendor facility to the consumer.

Tagging Solutions for Jewelry, Watches and Eyewear

FineLine is the industry leader in jewelry tagging logistics, our Data2 sales and production teams supports over 70% of the US fine jewelry retail market in meeting their source tagging and inventory management ticketing needs.

Retailers and their vendors streamline their supply chain and manage inventory by using retail inventory systems and ticketing difficult-to-tag items, such as fine and fashion jewelry, watches and rings for complete visibility.

Clearly printed and easy to read retail tags help supply chain owners accurately and effectively identify items throughout the supply chain and better manage POS and inventory processes. Ultimately getting merchandise to the customer faster, and in excellent condition.

All retail barcode tickets, RFID tags and string tags are printed on high quality paper, with smudge resistant inks providing up-to-date information via bar codes. Retail employees can scan merchandise accurately and quickly to manage inventory at the point-of-sale terminal, even after merchandise has been through repeated cycles of jewelry cleaning solutions.

Our high quality jewelry price tags are easily placed around metal or non metal bands, allowing customers to easily read the tags, from outside of the display case, with the naked eye.

Our rat tail, poly barbells, hang tags and miniature string-less tags ensure that jewelry always looks its best, are easy to remove after purchase and does not detract from the aesthetics of the merchandise.

Our jewelry price tags work with all barcode scanning devices and retail inventory systems. Interested in RFID? We have developed unique form factors to meet a variety of application sizes and needs.

Ticketing Solutions for Non-Apparel Merchandise

Home design trends are like very much like fashion— rapidly changing to meet consumer preferences and needs as seasons change and holidays influence home décor. Many of our customers are major domestic and international retailers who are either incorporating home décor merchandise into their inventory, in prime floor space, or opening additional brick and mortar stores to meet demand.

Retail labels must be durable, accurate, adhere to merchandise even with repeated handling, yet easily removed. FineLine has the production and label design capabilities to handle ticketing for hardlines such as:

  • Giftware
  • Home furnishing goods
  • Kitchenware
  • Furniture
  • Window coverings
  • Textile products
  • Home appliances
  • Stemware and decorative accessories

From adhesive retail labels that affix to difficult materials to custom formats for various sized merchandise, FineLine is able to meet retailers home décor price ticketing needs.

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