FineLine Technologies Launches Distributive Print Program

Distributive Print enables retailers and their global vendors to perform on-demand, on-site printing of high-quality, compliant tags and labels.

NORCROSS, Ga.—October 11, 2016—FineLine Technologies, a leading supplier of branded, barcoded and RFID integrated labels and tags, has introduced its Distributive Print program for retailers and their supply chain partners. Distributive Print enables retailers and their global vendors to perform on-demand, on-site printing of high-quality, compliant tags and labels.

When participating in Distributive Print, vendors purchase retailer-approved tag or label sheets in bulk from FineLine Technologies. Then when rush jobs or last-minute order changes arise, the vendor can log into FineLine’s FASTtrak online ordering platform, select the relevant line items from retail purchase orders (PO) and download a print-ready PDF document. These PDF documents contain all label images and data and can be printed onto the retailer-approved tag or label sheets using a standard laser printer just like any other document. There is no need for special finishing or handling equipment.

To support Distributive Print, FineLine supplies die-cut sheets, so the vendor can easily peel off the labels or tear apart tickets and then affix them to merchandise. If needed, FineLine can supply preprinted sheets containing logos and artwork, and then vendors only need to print select black or color variable data.

Distributive Print is the latest addition to FineLine Technologies’ range of solutions and services to help retailers and their supply chain partners respond to rapidly changing market trends. With its own printing and fulfillment operations around the globe, FineLine can deliver pre-printed labels almost anywhere in a matter of days. Distributive Print is an ideal option for the following circumstances:

  • Vendors in very remote locations impacted by high tariffs.
  • Factories or distribution centers (DC) dealing with lengthy customs clearance, delaying pre-printed label delivery.
  • Extremely short order turnaround requirements.
  • Late-breaking PO changes.

In these situations, companies typically have faced difficult choices. They may postpone shipments pending standard delivery of pre-printed tickets and labels or incur expedited shipping costs for their labels and potentially finished orders as well. In the worst case, they may omit tickets altogether or attach incorrect tickets, resulting in re-ticketing costs, chargebacks and logistics delays. Distributive Print helps retailers and their vendors avoid these problems and rapidly deliver products ready for the selling floor.

One specialty retailer implemented Distributive Print at a new U.S. DC as an alternative to more complex and expensive in-house label printing. Pleased with the seamless rollout, the retailer then expanded Distributive Print to its DCs around the world. The company is now extending Distributive Print to vendors in Asia to better control supply chain lead times and equip those vendors to handle last-minute PO changes.

For more information about Distributive Print, contact FineLine Technologies at 800-500-8687 or 678-969-0835 or visit

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