Norcross, GA  — FineLine Technologies is in partnership with a number of top tire producers to further develop and test its tire tread label, the first of its kind, which allows entire pallets of tires to be read in a single pass.

Our supply chain partners continue to see benefits across the entire supply chain, from manufacturing quality control through to distribution, storage and point-of-sale. Manufacturers can trace goods more efficiently during production and logistics; suppliers can read entire pallets at once and warehouse employees are able to track tire expiration dates, seamlessly. To improve effectiveness and readability at the point of sales, our white tire labels are designed with built-in protection against swelling and staining once, the label is on the tire.

All components of a tire such as carbon black, steel and the amount of rubber, influence the reading distance of the RFID label dramatically. Not to the number of different tire families that can be identified within one factory, all adding to the complexity of identifying and tracking tires throughout the supply chain.

FineLine’s tire tread label products are designed and manufactured as a “one size fits all” RFID label, to be used in a wide range of applications and environments. The label is integrated with a RFID antenna that cannot be disconnected from the RFID chip , and is compatible with all UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 global RFID standards. With reliable performance in very harsh environments, this label works with all tire types including high carbon black or steel content. This means, one label can be used worldwide for different types of tires.

The new RFID tread label, can read up to 150 tires simultaneously, at a distance of up to 22ft. The RFID reading distance is the same for car, truck or aircraft tires, and the exercise of bulk reading entire pallets is straightforward and easily executed. Other benefits include significantly more dependable performance, lower error rates, and reduced tire waste.

This revolutionary tire tread label addresses key tire segment challenges such as first-in-first-out and coupling between customer orders and loading of trucks. For example, a large warehouse with hundreds of thousands of tires presents an enormous logistical challenge, especially taking into account tire expiry dates. We are able to create a custom label for an individual customer very quickly, and we also handle the systems integration needed to bring it online in the real-world operating environment.

Working with strategic partners, FineLine continues to test the tire tread label solution under various conditions to support product longevity and success. Offering major benefits such as extensive read ranges, worldwide application, and matching tires from production through to the end user, FineLine is poised to make a major impact on the tire labeling and tracking industry.

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