RFID tagging continues to drive customer success.

Atlanta, GA, April 5, 2022 – More than 70,000 global retailers and manufacturers are now utilizing FASTtrak, FineLine Technologies innovative online ordering and production platform, to source their barcode and RFID item identification labels. FineLine provides 48 hours or less turnaround times, and with its network of global production facilities, customers worldwide receive their orders in less than 5 business days.

As more global retailers are moving to RFID mandates for their tagging programs, FineLine’s focus on continuous improvement in technology helps keep our customers at the forefront of digital innovative. RFID tagging is driving increased supply chain efficiencies throughout every part of a brand’s journey from manufacturing to the end user, and FineLine’s solutions provide the speed, service, innovation, and visibility to support their success.

About FineLine Technologies
FineLine Technologies was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. FineLine provides barcoded and RFID integrated labels, tags, and badges for supply chain, omni-channel fulfillment, POS, access control, and consumer engagement needs. FineLine produces billions of tickets annually through its global network of print hubs delivering them on average in less than five days. FineLine offers its more than 70,000 registered suppliers with online order placement, tracking, and analytics to help customers efficiently manage their supply chains. Learn more at finelinetech.com.

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