NORCROSS, Ga.—June 27, 2016–FineLine Technologies is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with the College Football Hall of Fame, Chick-fil-A Fan Experience and Stark RFID.

Under a four-year agreement, FineLine will supply the Hall with RFID-integrated guest badges. The badges store secure guest credentials that are used by the Stark RFID system and the Hall’s interactive exhibits to provide College Football Hall of Fame guests with a rich, personalized experience.

FineLine was selected by the College Football Hall of Fame because of its industry reputation for excellence in service, printing, data management, and RFID encoding. “FineLine’s superior technology and efficiency provided the best solution for the Hall and our unique functionality,” said Dennis Adamovich, CEO of the College Football Hall of Fame.

Stark RFID CEO and Founder Lance Burnett notes “Stark RFID solutions provide event managers the tools they need to manage access control, leverage marketing efforts, create additional revenue streams through sponsorship and personalize guest experiences.” George Hoffman, CEO of FineLine Technologies, adds “FineLine has developed advanced capabilities for UHF and HF encoding for venues wanting to further engage their customers via onsite kiosks and mobile devices. We are pleased to provide high quality graphic RFID integrated EVENTtrak badges, tickets and wristbands to support Event Management initiatives.”

“Delivering a unique, personalized experience to fans is our priority,” said Adamovich. The attraction is unlike any other and has totally redefined what a Hall of Fame can be through interactive, multi-media exhibits. Learn more at:

About Stark RFID

Stark RFID integrated the enterprise-level RFID software and hardware solution for the College Football Hall of Fame. Stark RFID shows clients what their business is doing in real time — the interaction of customers, people, processes, products and services. RFID tickets, credentials and wristbands provide clients valuable business intelligence with no disruption or inconvenience to patrons. RFID technology automates data collection and increases the personalization of engagement points with guests, increasing the value to and enjoyment of college football fans. Learn more at:

About FineLine Technologies

FineLine Technologies provides customizable branded, barcoded and RFID integrated labels, tags and badges for supply chain, omni-channel fulfillment, POS, access control and consumer engagement needs. FineLine produces billions of tickets annually, processing data quickly and securely, printing high-quality graphics and scannable barcodes, encoding UHF and HF RFID, with global delivery within six business days, and online tracking, order detail, and analytics to help our customers manage their business. Learn more at:

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