ATLANTA – Jan 13-14, 2014– FineLine Technologies introduces the QCtrak Suite at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. Representatives were in attendance & exhibiting in partnership with Smartrac in booth #1313.

QCtrak Cloud and QCtrak Mobile are innovative applications targeted at helping retailers maximize their RFID investment. Currently retailers are rapidly testing and launching RFID programs, but what happens as the programs become increasingly complicated for the vendor community. How do you maintain compliance and ensure your RFID program is going to perform as expected? The answer lies with FineLine and their QCtrak solution.

QCtrak Cloud aggregates information from the birth of a chip & inlay to tag conversion & encoding, and all the way through scanning & audit processes at the distribution and vendor levels. Metrics are tracked and relayed to the cloud via QCtrak Mobile to provide a full quality control solution and complete visibility into the supply chain.

FineLine Technologies provides a large variety of barcode and RFID ticketing solutions for retailers, vendors, and manufacturers. Their customary speed, service, and innovation are unparalleled. For more information about FineLine, please visit For questions or concerns, FineLine asks that you please contact them at 800-500-8687 or

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