FineLine continues to be on the forefront of innovative technology in it’s recent partnership with mobile-technology provider ClikGenie. Already a leader in managing variable data, FineLine takes it to the next level by offering retailers and brands integrated tickets with 2D codes created by ClikGenie.

ClikGenie offers a seamless and completely customizable in-store mobile merchandising solution while FineLine manages the variable data and integrates it into a price ticket or promotional tag, thereby creating a partnership that cost effectively combines mobile technology and retail ticketing.

This partnership offers a unique value for retailers and brands. 2D codes not only create instant customer engagement, they also offer limitless opportunities for marketing and promotions, cross-selling, branding, info sharing, social media sharing, feedback, and a long-term communication channel with customers.

An increasing number of consumers are turning to their smartphones while shopping. A recent Google research study found that “70% of smartphone users say they use their phone while in a store. Of those who do use their smartphone for shopping purposes, 74% end up making a purchase.”

2D codes are a new way for retailers and brands to put information in front of the in-store shopper that previously may not have been available to them. For example, a woman looking at a dress might scan the code on the price ticket and be presented with matching shoes, jewelry, or other items that complement the dress.

In short, 2D codes are a great way for retailers to share information directly to the in-store shopper, elevate purchase intention, and increase wallet share.

In addition, the software includes scanning analytics that enable retailers to better understand their shoppers’ preferences. Again, the opportunities and benefits for retailers and brands are endless.

For more information about FineLine’s partnership with ClikGenie or to learn more about how 2D codes work, please visit FineLine’s website and click on the “2D Technology” tab.

Reference: (1) Google Research Report – Global Perspectives: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer; June 2011

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