Atlanta, GA – April 6, 2012 – FineLine Technologies’ recent partnership with ClikGenie has led to the creation of innovative shoebox labels that are now being offered to retailers and brands worldwide.

“The retail shoe industry is moving more and more towards self-serve shopping. Consumers see shoes on display, pick one they like, and then have to go wade through the sea of boxes to find their size and try it on,” says FineLine CEO and ClikGenie Founder, George Hoffman. “It’s just not efficient.””

To address this problem, FineLine is making it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for (and easier for brands to stand out from their competition) by creating color shoe box labels with an image of the shoe that’s inside, the size, color, and more in order to stand out from the mass of black and white.

In addition, the company’s partnership with ClikGenie allows them to cost-effectively combine these labels with mobile technology, specifically through QR codes, which allow retailers and brands to immediately engage customers. QR codes offer limitless opportunities for cross-selling, marketing and promotions, branding, info sharing, social media sharing, feedback, and much more.

A recent Google research study found that “70% of smartphone users say they use their phone while in a store. Of those who do use their smartphone for shopping purposes, 74% end up making a purchase.” FineLine now provides a quick and easy way for retailers to take advantage of this trend.

Once a QR code is created, printed, and on the shelves, shoppers can scan it and find the weight of the shoe, any special features it has, and also look at related accessories such as running shorts or backpacks. This not only provides information that might elevate purchase intention, it also encourages them to move around the store and look at other items.

In addition, the software used to create the codes’ mini-sites includes scanning analytics that enable retailers to better understand their shoppers’ preferences so adjustments can be made to maximize success.

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