FineLine Tire Tracking

FineLine Technologies, a leading provider of identification solutions for complex global supply chains, has been issued another patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – US Patent No. US D880,414 S titled “RFID TIRE PLUG”.

The patent covers the design of an RFID plug developed for the pre-vulcanization application of RFID devices into rubber, for example solid tires used on forklifts and harbor cranes tires, or other solid rubber products.

The FineLine RFID solution is designed primarily for application at the tire building machine or rubber product building stages, prior to vulcanization.

This pre-cure solution complies with industry standardized RFID technology requirements (ISO18000-6C, ISO20909 – 209012). With RFID, tire manufacturers have enhanced tracking and tracing capabilities within the Industry 4.0/Digital Factory.

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