FineLine created a new ticketing model built on remarkable service, technology and performance.

In the Spring of 1998

After working for a decade at a barcoding firm in Atlanta, Richard Stamper grew tired of waiting. Printing was stuck in an “old-school model,” he notes, where orders would often take 12 days or longer to produce.

In the spring of 1998, he branched out to create FineLine Technologies – to pioneer a new accelerated model for advanced ticketing services.

“There was a large void in the marketplace,” says the Founder of FineLine Technologies. “Nobody was offering superior, business-to-business experience with a focus on new technologies.”

Opening Doors,
Winning Fans

Centered on the values outstanding service, every time, and doing whatever was needed to help others add value to their business Stamper and co-founder Richard “RJ” Jaynes believed FineLine could fill that void. The determination to win new clients and continuously wow them with our service, has helped FineLine maintain many of the core customers we started with 18 years ago.

Rapid Growth
and Innovation

To better serve our international retailers and suppliers, FineLine opened the first overseas facility in Hong Kong, quickly followed by another production facility in Shenzhen, China, and eventually facilities in California, Canada and The Netherlands – which supports our lightning fast turnaround around times, globally.

As the company continues to serve its customers through innovation, FASTtrak, the web-based online ordering system has helped FineLine shave average ship times down to 36 hours while providing customers with easy access to every step of the order process and flexibility to make last-minute adjustments.

Scaling through Experience

FineLine’s leadership team led by industry veteran CEO, George Hoffman is focused on being the world’s largest service bureau provider. Hoffman headed up the company’s expansion into new retail channels such as outdoor, sporting, e-commerce, and housewares.

Moving forward, leadership is also focused on building out value for event management entertainment companies, theme parks, stadiums ,museums, and RFID software integrators. FineLine is a provider who can print and ship RFID badges and credentials in the shortest possible timeframe, usually with 36-48 hours.

Hoffman is optimistic about FineLine’s upward trajectory. “Innovation is a big thing,” he says. “We want to leverage new technologies that will serve to enhance our platform. We’ve got a great future ahead of us.”

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