Atlanta, GA – July 10, 2013 – FineLine has filed patents with the USPTO for its QCtrak technology. The company will be launching this new technology to the market in 2014 under the trade names of QCtrak Mobile and QCtrak Cloud.

“Adoption of RFID item level tagging is increasing as retailers are reaping the benefits of increased sales and improved customer satisfaction” said George Hoffman, CEO, FineLine Technologies. “Performance of RFID tags can be impacted by a variety of factors at different stages in the supply chain such as the use of non-approved inlays, physical damage or improper encoding processes”.

The QCtrak applications when combined will identify, measure and report on under performing or non-complaint RFID tags throughout the retailer’s supply chain. It is a ready-made compliance tool, which can be customized to each retailer’s unique needs and then cost effectively and easily implemented across complex global supply chains.

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