Supply Chain RFID Tagging: Tackling the Challenges

ATLANTA – January 26, 2015 – Successful RFID cases are proliferating in the retail industry, with more fashion and apparel retailers adopting and expanding technology rollouts. As their RFID tagging volume grows, these retailers are beginning to push the tagging... Read More

NFC – Coming Soon to a Store Near You

Atlanta, GA – Dec 5th, 2013 A new technology is preparing to emerge on the retail scene that will likely displace credit cards over time by enabling shoppers to pay for goods at the register using their mobile phones. Savvy retailers are already contemplating how to... Read More

FineLine Files Patents for QCtrak

Atlanta, GA – July 10, 2013 – FineLine has filed patents with the USPTO for its QCtrak technology. The company will be launching this new technology to the market in 2014 under the trade names of QCtrak Mobile and QCtrak Cloud. “Adoption of RFID item level tagging is... Read More

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