We’ve got our finger on the pulse of retail to carry you ahead of the competition. In our greenhouse labs, we’re developing cutting edge technology –from RFID, “As You Like It.” to QCTrakTM and partnerships to leverage retail solutions to improve your supply chain logistics.

RFID, “As You Like It.”

We launched a new technology for producing integrated RFID tags, which allows us to provide retailers with customized graphics and no volume commitments. We’ve also developed a patent pending mobile app, QCTrakTM, which helps retailers to monitor the quality and accuracy of RFID tags as they progress through the supply chain.


We offer turnkey mobile merchandising solutions from QR codes to NFC chips – which gives retailers the ability to provide product information to their in-store shoppers via their mobile phone.


We build alliance partnerships with leading companies to expand our global reach and are constantly finding emerging technologies to propel our customers forward in the marketplace.